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sábado, 10 de janeiro de 2015

Charges de Charlie Hebdo pelos direitos dos animais

Written by PETA | January 8, 2015
The violence in France yesterday shocked the world. Twelve people were killed, including Charlie Hebdo‘s lead cartoonist, Cabu (Jean Cabut), a vegetarian animal protectionist. Fellow journalists Charb (Stephane Charbonnier), Tignous (Bernard Verlhac), and Georges Wolinski were also among yesterday’s victims. Their work illuminated many social-justice causes, including the plight of animals.
Charlie Hebdo is the only French newspaper that dedicates a weekly column to animal rights, tackling issues such as bullfighting and foie gras. Here are just a few recent examples:


“In the United States, a debate about the CIA and torture …”
“Here, on New Year’s Eve, it will be a debate about foie gras!”

Charlie Hebdo Dream Tignous
“I have a dream!”

CH vivsection
“Thanks to science, I’m going to change this mouse’s head.”

Charlie Hebdo Bullfighting Art by Charb
“Bullfighting is an art!”

CH Planet of Apes
“Welcome to the planet of the apes!” “What!? I’m no longer on the planet of the assholes?!”

CH elephant
“We are not clowns!”

Charlie Hebdo Pigeon by Charb
“We should test our medicines on pigeons …”
“Yes, they’re the ones who most closely resemble our clients …”

Charlie Hebdo Panda Tignous
“Small and deforested … the zoo has recreated my natural habitat.”

Charlie Hebdo Lamb by Charb
“Throat barbarically slit, eaten by assholes.”
“We are against labeling!”

Charlie Hebdo Fur by Charb
“Ethical fur fashion …”
“I’m wearing Max Havelaar!”

Violence is a social issue, and violence against humans is linked to violence against other species. Yesterday’s losses are being felt by all compassionate people, including those who stand for animal rights. We at PETA stand with Charlie Hebdo in rejecting oppression and violence in all forms.
To those who lost their lives, rest in peace—and to everyone mourning them, we are with you.



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